77.1 Using the WebAccess Application Console

The WebAccess Application includes a console that you can use to monitor it. The console lets you see information about logged-in users, such as their IP address, their GroupWise and web browser versions. In addition, you can view the WebAccess Application’s log files and configuration files. The WebAccess Application console is enabled by default.

77.1.1 Enabling the WebAccess Application Console

  1. Open the webacc.cfg file in a text editor.

  2. Search to find the Application Administration Tool section.

  3. For the Admin.WebConsole.enable setting, change false to true.

  4. Save the webacc.cfg file.

  5. Skip to Section 76.1.7, Putting WebAccess Configuration Changes into Effect.

77.1.2 Using the WebAccess Application Console

  1. In a web browser, enter the following URL:


    Replace server_address with the web server’s IP address or DNS hostname.

  2. When prompted, enter the user name and password.

    The console is displayed.