83.9 Configuring Proxy Service Support for the Monitor Console

The main Monitor web console provides links to the agent consoles. Although you can access the Monitor console from outside your firewall, by default you cannot access the agent consoles from outside your firewall. To enable the Monitor web console to display the agent consoles from outside your firewall, you need to enable the Monitor Agent to support proxy service.

  1. In a text editor, open the Monitor Application configuration file (gwmonitor.cfg).

    The location of the gwmonitor.cfg file varies by platform:




  2. Locate the following line:

  3. Change it to:


    The basic setting restricts use of the Monitor web console to within a firewall, while the full setting allows use of the console both inside and outside a firewall. A third setting, none, disables use of the console.

  4. Save and exit the Monitor Application configuration file.

  5. Start the Monitor Agent with the ‑‑proxy startup switch.

    For information about startup switches, see Section 87.0, Using Monitor Agent Startup Switches.

Without proxy service support enabled, the Monitor web console communicates directly with the GroupWise agent after it gets a GroupWise agent’s address from the Monitor Agent. This process, however, does not work when communicating through a firewall.

With proxy service support enabled, all communication is routed through the Monitor Agent and Monitor Application (on the web server). As long as the web server can be accessed through the firewall, the Monitor web console can receive information about all GroupWise agents that the Monitor Agent knows about.