1.0 GroupWise/Exchange Coexistence Overview

The GroupWise/Exchange coexistence solution helps you configure your GroupWise system and your Exchange system so that they work together efficiently for users of both systems. When the coexistence solution is implemented, email users do not need to be concerned about which email system other users are on when they send messages and schedule appointments.

The coexistence solution consists of two components:

  • Address Book Synchronization: When addressing messages, users in both email systems expect to be able to select users from the either email system in their accustomed email client.

    Address book synchronization transfers information between the GroupWise Address Book and the Exchange Global Address List (GAL). As a result, the same users can be selected in both email systems.

    For setup instructions, see Section 2.0, GroupWise/Exchange Address Book Synchronization. For system requirements, see Section 2.3, Address Book Synchronization System Requirements.

  • GroupWise Free/Busy Service: When scheduling appointments, users in both email systems expect to be able to check each others’ calendaring information for available appointment times.

    The GroupWise Free/Busy Service uses Internet free/busy URLs to exchange calendaring information between the two email systems. As a result, GroupWise users can use the GroupWise Busy Search feature to check the availability of Exchange users, and Exchange users can use the Outlook Scheduling Assistant to check the availability of GroupWise users.

    For installation and configuration instructions, see Section 3.0, GroupWise Free/Busy Service. For system requirements, see Section 3.2, GroupWise Free/Busy Service System Requirements.

Other more general aspects of email exchange between GroupWise and Exchange are handled by standard processes:

  • Messaging: Messages between GroupWise and Exchange pass in and out through the GroupWise GWIA and the Exchange Hub Transport just as they would if the Exchange and GroupWise systems were not otherwise more closely associated.

  • Calendaring: Both GroupWise and Exchange support iCal appointments. The GroupWise GWIA converts GroupWise appointments into and out of iCal format, and the Exchange Hub Transport does the same for Exchange appointments.

IMPORTANT:If you are already synchronizing data between your GroupWise and Exchange systems, see Section A.0, Preexisting GroupWise/Exchange Synchronization.