A.2 You Would Benefit from Micro Focus Consulting If...

Working with Micro Focus Consulting to install, configure, and run the GroupWise/Exchange coexistence solution yourself works best when you want to retain previously synced information. This includes the following situations:

  • You want to transfer or merge previously synced user information.

    This applies when you have previously synced users and want to retain modifications made to those users. These changes include system and personal group memberships and the ability to reply to existing messages that were sent between the two systems.

    In addition to third-party sync solutions, this situation applies if you are currently using the GroupWise Gateway for Microsoft Exchange. The GroupWise/Exchange coexistence solution is a more advanced replacement for, not an upgrade from, the GroupWise Gateway for Microsoft Exchange. If you want to retain information previously synced by the GroupWise Gateway for Microsoft Exchange, you might need some customized assistance depending on the information you want to retain.

  • You are syncing user attributes beyond those attributes required for basic email capabilities.

    An example of this would be the directory Password attribute. If you are syncing attributes that also give users capabilities outside the email systems, such as general eDirectory access to non-email applications, you need a directory synchronization solution such as Novell Identity Manager, rather than the GroupWise/Exchange coexistence solution.