A.0 GroupWise Version Compatibility

Use the tables in this section to determine compatibility among the following GroupWise versions:

For each GroupWise version, the tables indicate compatibility for:

  • Administrative components: Domain and post office database platforms and versions, eDirectory platforms, and GroupWise snap-ins to ConsoleOne platforms and versions.

  • Agents: Domain and post office database platforms and versions, agent platforms and versions.

  • Clients: Post office directory platforms and access, POA platforms and versions, client modes.

In the compatibility tables, cells with combinations that are not applicable are marked N/A. For example, the POA never communicates with the Internet Agent, so that table cell is N/A.

For information about what operating system versions are supported for GroupWise 2014 on Linux and Windows, refer to GroupWise System Requirements. For information about earlier versions of GroupWise, refer to: