13.2 Making the Most of the System Overview

On the System Overview page, you can quickly view and configure all domains, post offices, and agents in your GroupWise system. The System Overview page also provides status information for all GroupWise agents, with easy access to their agent consoles and to the controls for starting and stopping them.

Domains are automatically added to the System Overview page when you create them.

  1. If you do not want a specific domain to be displayed, simply close it.

  2. To display it again, click Options > Add Domains.

  3. Click a domain, post office, or agent to view its properties.

Agents display status indicators to show whether they are running.

To stop or start an agent:

  1. Click Running or Stopped.

  2. Click the name of the agent to display agent properties.

  3. Click Stop Agent or Start Agent.

    The agent consoles can also be displayed from the status icons and from the agent properties pages when the agents are running.