gwsc (1)


gwsc - The GroupWise Service Control Utility


gwsc option [arguments]


Provides a short-hand version of the gwadminutil services command.


Usage Options:

option [arguments]

Accepts all of the same options and arguments as the gwadminutil services command.

Help Options:

--help , -?

Displays the help information and exits.



Script file that runs GroupWise Service Control Utility.


This program normally runs as root.

gwsc -l

Lists all agent information in the gwha.conf file. Equivalent to gwadminutil services -l.

gwsc -i -dva

Installs the DVA service on a server where no post office is located. Equivalent to gwadminutil services -i -dva.

gwsc -q

Displays current status information for all agents on the server. Equivalent to gwadminutil services -q.

gwsc -start provo1

Starts the MTA for the Provo1 domain. Equivalent to gwadminutil services -start provo1.

gwsc -stop engineering

Stops the POA for the Engineering post office. Equivalent to gwadminutil services -stop engineering.


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See Also

gwadminutil(1), gwadminutil-services(1)

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