GroupWise 2014 R2 Readme

December 2015

The information in this Readme pertains to GroupWise 2014 R2.

1.0 What’s New

1.1 General Enhancements

  • Browser Support: The following browsers are now supported:

    • Chrome

    • Microsoft Edge

    • Safari

  • File System Support: The following file systems are now supported for Agents:

    • SLES 12: BtrFS, EXT3, EXT4, Reiser, and XFS.

  • Platform Support: The following operating systems are now supported:

    • SLES 12

    • OES 2015

  • Server Protocols: The following server protocols are now supported:

    • LDAP: Outlook 2013 client

    • CalDAV/CardDAV: Mac Mavericks and Yosemite

1.2 Admin Enhancements

  • General Enhancements:

    • The preferred email address for users is now stored and indexed for searching.

    • You can now control the number of items to index and the number of indexing threads for QuickFinder. This is found in Admin Console > Select a POA > QuickFinder tab.

    • Improved the status reporting of move user progress and added the ability to re-do the last step.

    • You can now configure up to 3 DVAs per POA.

    • Distribution Lists have been renamed to Groups.

  • Expired Date Set for Users Not Found in MTA Sync: If a user directory object is not found during an MTA directory sync, GroupWise will set a timestamp on the user which indicates the time at which the sync failed on that user. GroupWise will then set an expiration time for that user for one week in the future. A notification will be displayed in the Admin Console. The MTA will continue to attempt to find the directory object for the user for seven days. If, at that point, the directory object is still not found, the MTA will no longer attempt to sync the user and the user will be unable to send or receive any new items. The user is expired at that point. You can view these expired users in the Admin Console > System > Expired Records. From there, you can decide whether to Remove the association, Delete the account, or Add an object to the directory.

  • Granular Scheduling for MTA Scheduled Events: For events with time-based triggers, the Interval option has been added, which allows you to schedule events more frequently than was previously available. This was added to enable the MTA to be able to sync to a directory more often than once per day. This option is found in the Admin Console > (select an MTA) > Scheduled Events.

  • GroupWise Calendar Server for CalDAV/CardDAV: The GroupWise Calendar Server allows you to use CalDAV and CardDAV to sync your GroupWise Calendar and your GroupWise Contacts book to your Mac.

    For installation and configuration information, see Setting Up GroupWise Calendar Server in the GroupWise 2014 R2 Installation Guide.

    For Mac user information, see the GroupWise Mac User Quick Start.

  • GroupWise/Exchange Coexistence Support for Exchange 2013: Microsoft Exchange 2013 is now supported for coexistence with GroupWise 2014 R2. For more information on how to use this feature, please see the GroupWise/Exchange Coexistence Guide.

  • HTTP Console Login Support for GroupWise Configured Administrators: In GroupWise 2014 R2, administrator configuration rights to the HTTP consoles for each GroupWise administrator are now based on the role that is assigned to the administrator. (All administrators still maintain view access to the consoles).

    For more information, see GroupWise Administrators in the GroupWise 2014 R2 Administration Guide.

  • LDAP Server Capabilities: This provides a read-only LDAP server interface into the GroupWise System Address Book information. This allows lookups and queries via LDAP for the Outlook client. To enable the LDAP server capabilities, go to the Admin Console > (select an MTA) > LDAP. To use SSL, you must use a commercially signed server certificate. After the LDAP server is enabled, you must restart the gwadminservice on the MTA server to use it.

    For usage information, see Configuring the LDAP Server Capabilities in the GroupWise 2014 R2 Administration Guide.

    Once enabled in the admin console, it can be added as an address book to the Outlook client. You will need the system name for the search base and for the user name context. The system name is found in the Admin Console > System > Information. It is listed at the top.

    To setup the Outlook client to connect to the GroupWise System Address Book through the LDAP server, see Configuring GroupWise Address Lookup in the Microsoft Outlook Client in the GroupWise Mobility Quick Start for Microsoft Outlook Users.

  • New GWIA Settings: Some new settings have been added to the GWIA. One is brand new and others were previously only available in the gwia.cfg file. To locate these settings, go to the Admin Console > (Select a GWIA) > SMTP/MIME, then select ESMTP Settings.

    The following option is new:

    • Require SSL for Authentication: When enabled, this option requires an SMTP sender to negotiate a secure connection before GWIA would advertise that AUTH is supported. The default setting is disabled.

    The following options are now available in the interface:

    • Force Inbound Authentication

    • Force Outbound Authentication

    • Disable ESMTP Extension

    For more information, see Using Extended SMTP (ESMTP) Options in the GroupWise 2014 R2 Administration Guide.

  • No Delete/No Archive Folders: If Allow User to Protect Items from Auto-Cleanup is enabled in the Admin Console > (select a Domain, PO, or User) > Client Options > Environment > Cleanup, the user can protect folders and individual items from auto-cleanup.

    For usage information, see Protecting Folders and Items in the GroupWise 2014 R2 Client User GuideGroupWise 2014 R2 Client Help.

  • Photos in the System Address Book: The System Address Book can now include photos. Using the following menu options, you can include a single photo, include a photo already included in eDirectory or Active Directory, or include the photo included in eDirectory or Active Directory as you import the user.

    For more information, see Adding User Photos to the System Address Book in the GroupWise 2014 R2 Administration Guide.

  • Slow Document Scan for Find: When the option Enabled if POA resources are available is selected in the Admin Console > (select Domain, PO, or User) > Client Options > Environment > General > Allow Searches of Non-Indexed Attachments, then a client Find will only do a search through all attachments (including those which require DVA conversion) if the POA has at least 20% of the C/S threads available.

    For more information, see Allow Searches of Non-Indexed Attachments in the GroupWise 2014 R2 Administration Guide.

  • Support for Active Directory SSO: GroupWise supports Active Directory single sign-on capabilities, allowing users to bypass the GroupWise login process by virtue of logging in once with Active Directory. Both the POA server and the user workstation must be joined to the same Active Directory Domain in order for single sign-on to work.

    For usage instructions, see Configuring Single Sign-On with Active Directory in the GroupWise 2014 R2 Administration Guide.

  • Support for KeyShield SSO: GroupWise supports KeyShield’s single-sign-on capabilities, allowing users to bypass logins by virtue of logging in once with KeyShield.

    For usage instructions, see Configuring Single Sign-On with KeyShield in the GroupWise 2014 R2 Administration Guide.

1.3 Agent Enhancements

  • General Enhancements:

    • Delayed delivery items are held on the source post office so that retract works for internet messages.

    • User status now propagates through a Invite or Delegate and delete back to the organizer of the appointment.

    • Agent web console default to password protected.

    • Agent web consoles now support authentication using the super admin user and users designated as admins through the Admin console.

    • Read-only mode has been added to the HTTP web consoles.

    • Rules merge text with HTML as well as plain text including adding Global signatures to the HTML if appropriate.

    • Agent web consoles now have a session time out of 30 minutes for users with write access to the web console. Users with read access do not have a session time out.

    • Web console logins, logouts, and changes are now logged to facilitate change audits.

    • LDAP authentication is now logged.

    • DVA reporting in the HTTP console and log files has been improved.

    • You can now be notified via email when QuickFinder fails to start because the configured DVA isn’t running. You must have a Notify User set for the Domain to receive the notification.

    • MTA directory synchronization can now be started through the agent web console.

    • GWCHK now displays the real user’s name for Prime databases. It also has an option disablerules to disable all rules on an account.

    • Added wild card matching in the route.cfg file.

    • Deferred Delivery now checks to see if a user is disabled or expired before processing their queued up message.

    • The POA no longer uses the DCA for document conversion. It now uses the DVA for document conversion. If no DVA is assigned to the POA or none is found on the local server, the POA creates a local DVA to perform the document conversion.

    • The show switch is now allowed in the grpwise script permanently. During a server reboot, the switch is ignored.

  • Additional Options on POA Performance Snapshots: The new functionality can be found in HTTP Console for POA > Configuration > Performance Snapshots > Start > (add information) > Submit. The new options allow the GroupWise Administrator to send Performance Snapshots data through email. In addition, they can schedule when the data will be sent out and can specify multiple recipients to receive the data. The report can be sent Now, At the end of the day, or After running for x hours. You must input the recipients’ email addresses. The options Message Subject and Reply To are optional. This feature was added in order to improve the ability to troubleshoot a busy POA.

  • DCA Removed: The DCA has been removed from GroupWise 2014 R2. All functions previously handled by the DCA are now handled by the DVA. The DCA startup switches are still available and now affect the DVA.

  • DVA Time Out Changes: The Default time out has been changed to 60 seconds.

  • DVA Worker Process Threads: On the HTTP console for the DVA, the main master DVA process will now display the list of worker processes and the process IDs. If the log level is set to Verbose or higher, each worker process will have its own log file which displays more logging information for each document it processes. The logs are stored in the same location specified for the DVA logging (DVA > Configuration > Log Settings > Log Directory). The logs can be viewed from the DVA HTTP console in the Log Files tab. The main DVA thread will be designated by an asterisk.

  • IMAP Enhancements: IMAP now properly maps the Draft, Junk, Sent, and Trash folders for IMAP clients that support RFC6154. This enhancement updates the capabilities specifically for the Mac Mail app. Also, items flagged in GroupWise now appear flagged in IMAP and vice versa.

  • QuickFinder Time Out Value: The QuickFinder time out can now be lowered to 20 seconds. If a document takes longer than 20 seconds to index, the conversion of the document will stop and the document will not be indexed.

  • Remote Internet Domain SSL Settings: In GroupWise 2014 R2, an SSL column has been added to the \domain\wpgate\gwia\gwauth.cfg file. Using this column you can disable or enable SSL for a specific internet domain. To enable or disable SSL, enter required or disabled. The text is case-insensitive. If you want to enable SSL for a domain without using the SMTP feature of the file, the SSL setting can be entered following the internet domain.

    The file has also been enhanced so a leading period before the domain acts as a wild card so that all emails sent through that domain use the settings specified. Below is a table with examples of how the file can be configured:
















    For information about the current SMTP settings, see SMTP Host Authentication in the GroupWise 2014 R2 Administration Guide.

  • Support for SMTP Submission Port: If SMTP is enabled for the GWIA and SSL is enabled for SMTP, the GWIA launches threads for both port 25 (the default port) and port 587(the submission port). If an SMTP client is configured to send via port 587, the GWIA requires the client to secure the connection via TLS and also requires SMTP AUTH before it accepts the message from the client. The threads for both ports are shared according to the number of inbound SMTP threads configured for the GWIA.

  • SSL Startup Switches: The agents support new SSL startup switches:

    IMPORTANT:Unless you are required to modify the default SSL options for your environment, consider carefully before you make any changes as this can decrease the security of your GroupWise system.

1.4 Client Enhancements

General Enhancements

  • MP3 files can now play in the viewer.

  • Text from legacy custom view templates is preserved when they are opened in GroupWise 2014 R2.

  • Unicode or Chinese full width digits are now supported in a phone number.

  • Words that have been added to the speller can now be used as suggestions by the speller.

  • International character are properly handled when opening mailto: links in GroupWise.

  • HTML external images and HTML scripts have been separated in Tools > Options > Environment > Default Actions. This allows you to enable warnings for scripts and images separately.

  • You can now duplicate draft items enabling you to use a drafted item as a template.

  • Opening views that were saved in previous versions of GroupWise converts the view to the new html view.

  • Notify alerts now look similar to Novell Messenger pop-ups.

  • You can define rules to CC and BC users. You do not have to specify a To users when using CC or BC.

  • Default Directory for Opened Attachments: You can change the default directory where opened attachments are stored. For more information see Changing the Default Location of Opened Attachments in the GroupWise 2014 R2 Client User GuideGroupWise 2014 R2 Client Help.

  • Email Windows Remembers “Aero Snap” Location: In previous versions of GroupWise, cycling through email items by opening an item and using the Previous and Next arrows would not preserve the aero snap location of the item. The location is now maintained as you cycle through email.

  • New Options when Dragging Email and Attachments to the Desktop: When you drag an item or attachment to the desktop (or any other folder) and an item or attachment of the same name exists in that location, you will be presented with the standard Windows copy/move dialog, which will allow you to replace the item or attachment, keep both the old and new items or attachment with a number to the new version being appended, or cancel the operation.

  • Photos in Client: In previous versions of GroupWise, photos were shown when hovering over a name in the From, To, CC, and other similar fields in the read view. The photo options have now been added next to the sender name in the read view and next to names that appear during name completion when you are addressing an item. Also, if enabled by the Admin, you can change the picture used in the GroupWise Address Book via the client with Edit > Change GroupWise Picture. If there are different photos for the same user in the GroupWise Address Book and in a Personal Address Book, the photo in the Personal Address Book will be shown.

  • Quick Response: Quick Response lets you share your input on an item without sending a reply email. In the lower right corner or in the read view for an item, select the response from the list of standard responses or choose Respond with comment. The sender of the item will see the response in the header and the item summary.

    For more information, see Using Quick Response in the GroupWise 2014 R2 Client User GuideGroupWise 2014 R2 Client Help.

  • Remember Client State on Crash: The Windows client can now save the state of the client every 5 minutes in case of an unexpected termination or crash. This way, when the client is reopened, it will go back to the state it was in the last time it was saved before the crash.

    For more information, see Remembering Client State on Crash in the GroupWise 2014 R2 Client User GuideGroupWise 2014 R2 Client Help

  • Sent Items Properties Enhancements: The Properties tab for a sent item will now only show the Advanced Properties information. The Quick Properties are now available in the item header through the summary line and a pull-down menu. In the menu, you can use the icon on the right to toggle between Simplified view (by item status) or Basic view (by user). You can choose whether you want sent items opened in the Properties tab or the Message Body view by going to Tools > Options > Environment > Default Actions and selecting Open item or Show properties.

  • Shortcut Keys: The following shortcut keys have been added to the client:

    • Ctrl+H: This toggles the HTML highlight option. If you select in the middle of a word, toggles the word to be highlighted.

    • Ctrl+K: Opens the menu to insert a hyperlink while composing an item.

    • Ctrl+T: Flagging Toggle (Flagged, Completed, Unflag).

    • Ctrl+Shift+W; Forward item as attachment.

    • Ctrl+Shift+V: Paste Special Unformatted. This removes any formatting and pastes only text that is on the clipboard.

    • Ctrl+Y: Redo

    • Ctrl+Alt+Y: Accept. This was previously Ctrl+y, but has been changed to accommodate Redo.

    • Ctrl+Z: Undo.

    • Ctrl+5: Toggles the signature on and off during compose.

    • Alt+5: Opens the signature drop down menu.

    For a full list of the shortcut keys available in the client, see Shortcut Keys in the GroupWise 2014 R2 Client User GuideGroupWise 2014 R2 Client Help.

  • Vacation Rule Widget: A vacation rule widget icon has been added to the bottom right corner of the client, which allows you configure and quickly turn on your vacation rule. It appears as a luggage icon. The color of the icon will change depending on whether your vacation rule is on or off.

    For more information, see Creating a Vacation Rule or Auto Reply in the GroupWise 2014 R2 Client User GuideGroupWise 2014 R2 Client Help.

Appointments and Calendar Enhancements

  • Right-clicking in the month calendar now display the same options as week and day calendars.

  • You can now print subscribed calendars.

  • The current month is now displayed at the top of the stacked small month controls.

  • Invite vs Delegate and Delete: In previous versions of GroupWise, Delegate allowed you to invite more people to an appointment while still keeping the appointment yourself. This functionality has changed. There are now two options: Invite and Delegate and delete.

    For more information, see Inviting Others or Delegating and Deleting Calendar Items in the GroupWise 2014 R2 Client User GuideGroupWise 2014 R2 Client Help.

  • Propose New Time for an Appointment: This feature allows the recipient of an appointment to perform a busy search of attendees and propose a new time. The new time is then sent back to the original sender, who can then decide whether to accept the new time.

    For more information, see Propose New Time for an Appointment in the GroupWise 2014 R2 Client User GuideGroupWise 2014 R2 Client Help.

  • Proxy Calendar Multi-User Check Boxes: You can now use the check boxes next to users in the multi-user calendars while in proxy mode. This allows you to select the users you want displayed in the proxy user’s multi-user calendar.

  • Recurrence Enhancements: The following enhancements have been made to recurrence items:

    • If you edit a personal recurring appointment, the appointment you modify no longer is removed from the recurrence set.

    • If you mark a collapsed recurring item completed or not completed, you are prompted to mark all instances completed or not completed.

    • If you move a collapsed recurring item out of the checklist, you are prompted to move all instances.

  • Remember View Mode of Multi-User Calendar: When moving between multi-user calendar and regular calendars, the last view settings for both the multi-user calendar and the regular calendar are “sticky”, meaning they are retained so you don’t have to change back to the view you were using previously.

Contacts Enhancements

  • The contact pop up is now animated in the name completion control.

  • Contact tool tips have been added to the sharing pages.

  • Added the Generating undeliverables property to the advanced tab of a personal contact. This allows the user to put a contact back into the name completion control if it was automatically removed because it generated undeliverable emails.

  • Address Book Changes: Functionality is moving from the Address Book executable to the address books listed in the folder list of the client. The changes made are:

    • Display of shared address books in the client folder list

    • Inclusion of the Properties > Options tab for the Frequent Contacts book in the folder list

    • Properties > Sharing tab for all personal address books in the folder list

Compose and Email Enhancements

  • You can now drag and drop text in the plain text message body.

  • HTML Font menu now shows the font name in their own font.

  • The From, CC, and BC widget in the compose view displays for all fields that are not made sticky.

  • More granular control is now available in the Options slide out when choosing whether you want to have From, CC, or BC displayed for items you compose.

  • Editing an item now uses your original send options for that item. Duplicating an item you sent also uses your original send options. Duplicating an item sent by another user uses your default send options.

  • For HTML messages, rules such as reply, delegate, and forward in previous versions of GroupWise only sent merged plain text when executed. Now, they do a merge on the original HTML message.

  • You can now validate URLs in the message body of items. Hovering your mouse over the URL makes the link appear in the bottom header of the compose view.

  • Paste Special: We have added three new paste options to the right click menu. The options are dynamic and will change with what you have copied in your clipboard. The three options are as follows:

    • Formatted Text: This pastes whatever you have in your clipboard exactly as it was copied.

    • Merge Formatting: Keeps the HTML structure of what is in the clipboard, but removes fonts and headers and uses the font that is currently selected in the GroupWise compose view.

    • Unformatted Text: This removes any formatting from what is in the clipboard and pastes only the text. This option is also available using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+v.

  • Signature Enhancements: The following enhancements have been made to signatures:

    • Background color and image: You can now set a background color and background image for your signature.

    • Disabling the signature: You can disable the signature by going to Tools > Options > Environment > Signature and unchecking Signature.

    • In line signature using Microsoft Word: If you have Microsoft Word selected as the editor for plain text or HTML in Tools > Options > Environment > Editors/Viewers, you can now insert your signature.

    • Plain text signatures now preserve text that is bolded, underlined, and italicized.

    • Shortcut keys: The shortcut keys Ctrl+5 and Alt+5 have been added. Both are used in the compose view. Ctrl+5 toggles the signature on and off. Alt+5 opens the signature drop down menu.

    • Single use editing of signatures: You can modify a signature in the message body while in compose view for a one time use signature.

      For more information, see Adding the Signature or vCard to an Email in the GroupWise 2014 R2 Client User GuideGroupWise 2014 R2 Client Help.

  • Sticky Notes: In previous versions of GroupWise, this was called Discussion Note or Personal Note in the Windows client. Changing the name facilitates synchronization via GroupWise Mobility Service 2.1 and ActiveSync 14.x to notes applications on mobile devices such as Notes on iOS devices. When notes sync is enabled on the mobile device, a new folder called Mobile Notes is created in GroupWise. Sticky Notes created in or moved to the Mobile Notes folder will be synced to and from mobile devices. If you are using a version of the GroupWise client previous to GroupWise 2014 R2, the Mobile Notes folder will instead be named Notes. In either case, the folder will be created just below the Tasklist folder in the client interface.

    For more information, see Posting a Sticky Note in the GroupWise 2014 R2 Client User GuideGroupWise 2014 R2 Client Help.

  • Voting: Voting allows a user to send a topic with a list of responses to other users, who can then select a response.

    For more information, see Voting in the GroupWise 2014 R2 Client User GuideGroupWise 2014 R2 Client Help.

Folder View Enhancements

  • You can now copy into or out of shared folder references.

  • Actions Column: The Actions column is added to a folder view by clicking in the column headers, selecting More, and adding the Actions column. This can also be added through a folder’s properties page. This column adds hover icons next to the items for the most commonly used tasks, which include Reply, Move To, and Delete. When selecting Move To, possible destinations are presented in the following order:

    • Recommendations

    • Frequently Used

    • Recently Used: If nothing is displayed from either of the destinations above, these destinations are displayed.

    • More: Displays the complete folder list.

  • Category Enhancements: Items can now show multiple category colors assigned to them by adding the Categories column to the folder view or by displaying the folder in summary view.

    For more information, see Understanding Categories in the GroupWise 2014 R2 Client User GuideGroupWise 2014 R2 Client Help.

  • Protected Folders and Items: You can protect items in folders so that they are not removed when automatic cleanup or automatic archiving occurs. The option must first be enabled in the Admin console before you can protect items.

    For Admin console information, seeAllow User to Protect Items from Auto Cleanup in the GroupWise 2014 R2 Administration Guide.

    For client information, see Protecting Folders and Items in the GroupWise 2014 R2 Client User GuideGroupWise 2014 R2 Client Help.

  • Quick Tasks/Follow-up Flag: In the GroupWise client, a quick task/follow-up flag option has been added to the left of an item icon. This allows you to click the flag icon and “flag” an item and signify that you want to follow-up on that item. This option is not available for discussion threads, proposed appointment lists, or the summary calendar. When the item is flagged, it also appears in the Tasklist folder.

    For more information, see Understanding Quick Tasks/Follow-up Flags in the GroupWise 2014 R2 Client User GuideGroupWise 2014 R2 Client Help.

  • QuickFinder Improvements: The QuickFinder box, which is found at the top right of all folder views, now searches the message body and any attachments of items instead of just the header fields. This gives you greater access to any item that contains the string for which you are searching. If a user name is typed the QuickFinder box, the user name will be looked up in the Address Book and QuickFinder will also search for items addressed to the email address associated with that name.

  • Undo and Redo: The ability to undo or redo multiple actions has been added to the client. Undo negates any change that you made, and Redo will make the change again if you have previously undone an action. The options are available in the Actions menu or by using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+z for Undo and Ctrl+y for Redo. You can undo or redo the following actions:

    • Move To

    • Delete

    • Move Folder

    • Set Category

    • Show/Hide Folder List

    • Show/Hide Quick Viewer

    • Show/Hide Main Menu

Security Enhancements

  • Access and Proxy Record Clean up: Proxy and access records are verified again existing GroupWise users during startup idle time. If records need to be removed, you are notified that the record is being deleted. If you are using caching mode and an online connection cannot be made, the records are not verified.

  • AES/SHA Enhancements: The option to select Microsoft Enhances RSA and ASE Provider is now available in Tools > Options > Send > Security > Select a security service provider. If you then select Advanced Options, you can select form the different versions of AES for encrypting and the new SHA-256 and greater algorithms for signing. Previously, AES was not available in GroupWise and signing was hard coded to SHA-1. This new set of algorithms is more secure and, in some locales, mandated for government use.

  • Multi-User Calendar Rights More Consistent with Originally Granted Rights: This resolves issues where a user might use multi-user calendars to view calendars for which they have not been given specific rights. For example, User A has rights to view User B’s calendar, but User C does not. If User C has rights to view User A’s calendars, User C should not be able to view User B’s calendars by using User A’s multi-user calendar. This fix enforces that setting by disallowing unintended viewing of calendars by one user piggybacking on another’s multi-user calendars. Rights are set in Tools > Options > Security > Proxy Access. The proxy access dialog has also been cleaned up to remove user names for which proxy access has no longer been granted.

  • Proxy Options Enhancements: When granting proxy access to your mailbox, you can now specifically restrict access to the options in Tools > Options > Security > Proxy Access. Previously, these options were included when you granted access to the Options in general. The options are:

    • Options

    • Security Options: This is only available if Options is selected.

    • Rules

    • Folders

    For more information, see Granting Proxy Rights as a Mailbox Owner in the GroupWise 2014 R2 Client User GuideGroupWise 2014 R2 Client Help.

1.5 WebAccess Enhancements

  • General Enhancements:

    • The Mobile Notes folder can now be renamed.

    • WebAccess Rules user interface has been updated.

    • Appointments now use the next hour as the start time instead of being fixed at noon.

    • WebAccess now prefers using SSL connections to DVA when SSL is not specified in the configuration.

    • Personal Messages have been renamed to Sticky Notes.

  • Auto-refresh Enhancements: Auto-refresh has been enhanced to support multiple WebAccess sessions. There have also been performance and reliability enhancements.

  • Controlling Items Displayed in CalPub: You can control whether appointments, notes, and tasks are displayed for users in CalPub. By default, all are displayed.

    For more information, see Controlling Items Displayed in the GroupWise 2014 R2 Administration Guide.

  • Find Interface Improved: The WebAccess basic find has an improved interface to limit your results to This Folder, In All Folders, or In All Folders (others have shared with me).

    For more information, seeSearching for a Word or Phrase Using Basic Find in the GroupWise 2014 R2 WebAccess User GuideGroupWise 2014 R2 WebAccess Help.

  • Photos in WebAccess: User photos are now displayed in multiple areas in Web Access:

    • Read Item view.

    • Name Completion tooltip

    • Contact details

    • System Address Book

  • Simplified URLs: The URLs for webaccess have been updated for easier access:

    • Web Access (full): /gw/webacc

    • Web Access Mobile: /gw/webacc/mobile

    • Web Access Simple: /gw/webacc/simple

    • Web Access Admin: /gw/webacc/admin

1.6 Performance Enhancements

  • General performance, security, and stability improvements to WebAccess.

  • Reduced shutdown time for MTA, POA, and GWIA for improved cluster migration. For example, the MTA shutdown time was improved from an average of 40 seconds to 9 seconds.

  • Huge improvement when downloading large attachments from a POA on Linux. For example, a 25 MB attachment download was reduced from 40 seconds to 3 seconds.

  • CalPub can now utilize any POA configured in the startup file. If the first POA is not running, CalPub uses the next active POA for bootstrapping.

  • Improved iCal import from iOS.

  • Improved drag and dropping GW link files.

2.0 GroupWise System Requirements

System requirements are listed in GroupWise System Requirements in the GroupWise 2014 R2 Installation Guide.

3.0 Installation

Installation instructions for GroupWise 2014 R2 are found in the GroupWise 2014 R2 Installation Guide.

4.0 Continuing Issues in GroupWise 2014 R2

Some of the issues that were discovered in previous versions of GroupWise 2014 have not yet been resolved. Review the following Readme documents for more information:

5.0 Known Issues in GroupWise 2014 R2

5.1 Stability Issues with Microsoft Edge

There are stability issues with using Microsoft Edge for GroupWise, whether for the admin consoles or WebAccess. These issues are being investigated. For the time being, we recommend that you use Internet Explorer instead of Edge to access GroupWise.

5.2 Attachments Automatically Downloaded in WebAccess Using Microsoft Edge

Because of Edge’s auto-download feature, when you download and attachment in WebAccess, you are not prompted to Save, Open, or Cancel the download of the attachment.

5.3 WebAccess Upgrade Doesn’t Cleanup Tomcat6 Service On Windows Server

GroupWise 2014 R2 no longer uses tomcat6. It now uses tomcat8. We do not remove tomcat6 during the upgrade in case you have any programs still using tomcat6. If you do not have any programs using tomcat6 on your server, you can uninstall it from your server.

5.4 Unable to Select User from Name Completion List When Using Windows Classic Theme

Name completion does not let you select users when using the Windows Classic Theme on your computer. Please use a different theme if you want to use name completion.

5.5 RPM Error Message During WebAccess Install on Linux

While running the install for WebAccess on SLES, you might receive a Not supported by its vendor error message for the rpms. This is because the GroupWise rpms are not part of the SLES repository. The error message should be ignored.

5.6 Proxy User Running on a PO prior to GroupWise 2014 R2 can view the Security Options in GroupWise 2014 R2 even if they don’t have Rights

If a user in GroupWise 2014 R2 grants Options rights but not Security rights to a user running on a Post Office that is a previous version of GroupWise, the proxy user can view the Security rights. This is due to the fact that the proxy right s have changed in GroupWise 2014 R2. Please upgrade all Post Offices to GroupWise 2014 R2 to prevent this.

5.7 SNMP Not Working on Linux

SNMP currently does not work on Linux servers.

5.8 Paths with Special Characters not Working in Agent Startup Files

If you use special characters such as spaces or dashes in a path in agent startup files, the paths do not load properly. If you need to have the special characters in the paths, place quotation marks around the entire path.

5.9 Dbcopy Does Not Run Outside its Own Directory on Linux

If you try to run dbcopy in a script outside of the /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/bin directory on Linux, it errors out. Add the following export to your script so you can run dbcopy outside that directory:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/novell/groupwise/agents/lib

6.0 Documentation

The following sources provide information about GroupWise 2014 R2: