GroupWise 2014 Task Tutorial Videos

Task Tutorials

The following videos provide demonstrations of some basic GroupWise tasks. Use them to learn new skills and discover new functionality that will help you make GroupWise a powerful, productive asset in your organization.

Sending and Receiving Email

At work or at home, email is a staple of our lives, and a more powerful email client gives you more options with how you use it. Watch this video to learn how to create an email message, and what options you have to work with one you’ve received!

Sending and Receiving Appointments

Your calendar, and the appointments that fill it, allow you to plot the course of your week. Watch this video to learn what options you have when sending an appointment, and what to do when you receive one!

Managing Tasks and Tasklists

In the today's world, there's never a shortage of things that demand your attention, but taking charge is easy with the GroupWise Tasklist. Watch this video to learn how to create and manage tasks in Novell GroupWise 2014!

Managing the Folder List

The GroupWise folder list is the central hub for organizing the items that you send and receive, and gives you quick access to your information. In this video, learn how to manage and customize the folder list in GroupWise 2014!

Customizing the Interface

When you use a piece of software for hours every day, you expect more than just powerful features. You want to be able to customize it to fit your needs. Watch this video to learn how to customize the GroupWise 2014 interface and make it YOURS.

Customizing The Home View

The GroupWise Home folder is a personalized view of your most important information, and a good Home folder allows you to work, collaborate, and browse information more effectively. Learn how to customize your Home Folder in this GroupWise 2014 Task Tutorial video!