GroupWise 2014 R2 SP3 Bug Fix List

Security Fixes:

OpenSSL was updated to version 1.0.2n; see:
JRE was updated to version 8u162; see:
jQuery was updated to version 3.2.1; see:
jQuery-UI was updated to version 1.12.1; see:
1055619 'Ropemaker' - Remote CSS allowed in WebAccess.
1055849 - Possible cross-linked message sending as Proxy after dragging message from user's mailbox to proxied compose.
1072729 'Mailsploit' - nulls in b64 and quoted printable encoding can truncate sender information received from external user.
1081183 GW client users with configured IMAP accounts may see IMAP headers from another user after running GWCheck.

Windows Client Bug Fixes:

992589 - Slow startup performance.
994069 - Slow performance forwarding or replying to an e-mail containing a table.
1017350 - Phone number not displayed in column in find contact results.
1028496 - Client crash on user with missing mailbox folder.1029587 - Address book does not display resource type when type equal to role.
1029748 - Filter results include a false positive.1030158 - Non-breaking space in iCal description truncates the message.
1030370 - Imported iCal appointment improperly changed after inviting additional attendees.
1033849 - Notify fails when user has a large number of unread appointments.
1039686 - Temporary UI freeze on "Move To" menu option.
1043262 - Addressing rules not working as expected.
1045240 - Crash modifying custom form size setting in print dialog.
1047439 - Comma not used as email address separator when pasting email addresses into name completion.
1048721 - Caching mode not reflecting user name change.
1049889 - Screen may continuously refresh when accessing a proxy account.
1052122 - Memory leak.1052126 - Temporary UI freeze during edit after switching from plain text to HTML.
1056908 - GW client only includes one image when forwarding a message with multiple images received from iPhone.
1057229 - Attachment lost when MIME has Content-ID that is not properly referenced.
1058904 - Crash in quickviewer going to calendar or contacts.
1062623 - Crash during file open dialog under certain conditions when running in terminal server.
1063324 - Unable to change end time of a recurring instance by dragging the bottom edge of appointment in the calendar.
1063907 - Global signature inserted into middle of message body instead of bottom.
1064885 - Not all folders are displayed with more than 4033 folders.
1065713 - Stack overflow crash on specific email.
1066234 - Disk space size is displayed incorrectly in caching mode.
1066918 - Caching mailbox synchronization skips data after a daylight savings time change.
1067274 - Caching mode can unnecessarily trigger large downloads under certain conditions.
1072756 - Received external messages may not properly display with correct column width and alignment.
1073321 - Mobile phone numbers are displayed in system address book even when not configured as an available field at the domain.
1075429 - Support image names that have hard hyphens in the name.
1075840 - Unable to delete folder with more than 4033 folders.
1077618 - If an email address value is not set, a contact entry shows as blank in the address book selector when replying to all.
1078767 - C3PO SwitchToHtmlView not working as expected.
1080801 - Changes to posted appointments in a shared calendar fail to replicate.
1081719 - Selecting a user from the address book fails when sharing an address book.

WebAccess Bug Fixes:

966465 - Delete of a linked message deletes all copies.
972000 - "This instance forward" creates duplicate appointments when dragging to new time.
1024219 - Users can send mail after exceeding mailbox size quota.
1030556 - IE11 and Edge browsers close using navigation arrows.
1035253 - Client options locked in adminstration console can still be changed in WebAccess.
1036908 - Java exception in SOAPListenerDuo.
1044251 - Unable to send files with '&' char in filename.
1045759 - Save draft message fails on Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
1048677 - Auto-save during an appointment edit purges the appointment.
1052974 - Attachment on Windows draft message is lost when sent from WebAccess without prior auto-save. 1056626 - Unable to delete sent items.
1057022 - Reply of forward of messages with encoded line searators displays blank window.
1058181 - Draft with no recipients is opened as posted email.
1060885 - 'User not on post office' error sending mail from WebAccess.
1063277 - Enhancement: Allow blocking specific client connections based on user-agent string.
1069736 - Unable to purge draft messages when client option "Do not purge items until they are backed up" is set.
1074705 - Messages sent from Windows Snipping Tool don't display correctly.
1077668 - Unable to obtain a heap dump.

Cal Pub Bug Fixes:

1042974 - Unable to open appointment on published calendar.

POA Bug Fixes:

967726 - Auto-reply strips HTML formatting.
1031182 - Invalid XML returned on verifyPasswordRequest.
1024515 - Undeliverable notification received for items that are queued for delivery retries.
1031349 - C01B indexing errors on certain messages.
1022889 - D11B error editing distribution list on a forward rule.
1023268 - Delayed delivery email display blank when moved to a shared folder.
1024516 - Segfault on race condition.
1022760 - Slow delivery on large message files.
1036639 - Crash on very long email address.
1012463 - Mail receipt is not displayed in user's language.
1020158 - All-day recurring events display on wrong day.
1040794 - Core on shutdown.
1042836 - D107 error when reading mail in WebAccess.
1047001 - Crash in Linux SSO.
1049710 - HTTP 500 error returned on getItemsRequest.
1048439 - D101 error when users accept an external appointment.
1050809 - Vacation rule fires on every message received from a 'group' sender.
1056850 - Crash in readFoldersRoot.
1075371 - External replies cause error C067 and fail to deliver under certain conditions.
1065402 - Crash reading month items.
1067936 - Crash on race condition during login when LDAP server pool modified.
1051999 - Automated messages not received in user's default language after GMS and GSoap clients connect to POA.
1074489 - Signature images lost on auto-replies.
1070201 - Race condition during login.
1074667 - Crash on null pointer.
1077046 - F0BC error during index operation.
1070179 - Client auto-refresh fails after running for several days.

MTA Bug Fixes:

1049006 - Address book sync with Exchange only supports 100 external post offices.

GWIA Bug Fixes:

1037437 - Hang on corrupted message body when servicing an IMAP FETCH request.
1059995 - 616E error on corrupted MIME creates thousands of messages when I/O error exists moving the file to the problem directory.
1060717 - IMAP crash when deprecated /cap switch configured.
1065840 - Dragging single instance of a recurring meeting to a new time does update the meeting instance for external attendees.
1071829 - TNEF formatted meeting requests from external systems not recognized as appointments.
1072220 - Crash on long malformed NNTP_THREAD header.
1074017 - IMAP append does not use current date and time when optional date-time field isn't supplied.

Calendar Server Bug Fixes:

1058601 - Edited recurring appointments shifts to wrong day after editing.

GWCheck Bug Fixes:

1032196 - Problem number 87 errors.
1032207 - Folder share is not removed after the last share recipient has been deleted.
1048965 - Uunable to rebuild database of 4GB size.
1057075 - Orphaned records not removed from message database.
1063084 - Contact edits not synchronized to caching mode.
1064671 - Group items get converted to posted.
1077474 - catchupqf misc option is not indexing attachments when run as standalone.

Admin Bug Fixes:

976013 - Error "attempt to access control feature denied" editing clean-up options.
987331 - Allow group entries in access control lists for group management.
992288 - Error reported creating a new domain even though successful.
993554 - Object class not returned for alias and nicknames from LDAP; support added for alias lookups.
1033028 - Blank sender user ID doesn't work on prevent class of service.
1043707 - Save fails on edit of GWIA rule generated message settings.
1048038 - Enhancement: Allow message delayed notification to be configured.
1062413 - Group administration rights aren't honored until client restarted.
1067070 - Removing user's name isn't reflected in a group.

Install Bug Fixes:

1055978 - WebAccess configured to use wrong Tomcat instance on OES 2018.

Monitor Bug Fixes:

1069293 Error trying to browse to monitor agent with in-memory certificate.