GroupWise 23.4 Bug Fix List

This release includes the following fixes:

Security Fixes

We updated libraries to address high or critical reported vulnerabilities to include openSSL to 3.0.9, keyview to 23.4, and several others that are common to GroupWise.

Other Bug Fixes

The following other bug fixes were made in GroupWise 23.4:

Admin Bug Fixes

783001 - User import from Active Directory fails.
751015 - Renaming a resource fails to auto create nickname.
750016 - Forward as attachment rule created in Mailbox Management can crash client.
714052 - Publish email addresses checkbox not showing as marked after prior selection.
698007 - Plug-in for iManager not showing GW as configured on first tab selection.
673155 - Old email address shown in system address book after distribution list renamed.
672138 - Not able to synchronize Active Directory groups with more than 1500 members.
614120 - Unable to authenticate to console with “:” or other reserved characters in password.
128004 - Locking Filr attachment storage setting causes entire section to become locked.
39734 - Unable to login to LDAP service with preferred email address.

Agents Bug Fixes

731042 - System.slice info not displayed when single agent restarted with rcgrpwise script.
724047 - SOAP not returning all messages due to missing end tag.
711009 - No error shown on startup when server ip or host does not match configuration.
751068 - DVA Failure results in excessive email notifications.
741080 - External all day appointment converted to reminder note.
698062 - Add ability to drop memory cache.
698062 - Add ability to drop memory cache.
636058 - HTTP console shows incorrect queue KB size.
670156 - Second subject alternative name (SAN) entry not allowed in certificate.
148008 - gwiaStatMsgsOut threshold value is incorrect when threshold exceeded.
42692 - Not loading complete options file on Linux.

Windows Client Bug Fixes

772042 - Error d107 accessing a proxy calendar.
769099 - Moving appointments in month view fails.
756043 - Free busy results empty when subscribed to Gmail calendar.
741167 - Name completion shows resource pool icon for users with multiple email addresses.
739028 - Incorrect URL for GroupWise Idea Exchange.
709048 - Missing font table causes copy / paste character display issues.
703012 - Unread item quick filter displays read items when sorted on Name column.
692001 - Conversation root item missing error with username containing apostrophe.
675124 - Message body of email missing images after forward. 670167 - Message part.003 missing from message body.

GroupWise Web Bug Fixes

749042 - Birthday date not correct in GroupWise Web
744083 - Cannot set category for appointments in Groupwise Web on either iPad Air or Mini
738061 - Vulnerability scan findings for GroupWise Web - Missing HttpOnly Cookie Attribute (HTTP)
729096 - Cyrilic characters not showing correctly
673117 - No options for email attached to a task.
477264 - Context menu on the itemlist does not close when right-clicked on another item or left-clicked in other areas