3.2 Comparing GroupWise User Environments

GroupWise includes multiple methods for accessing your GroupWise mailbox:

  • Windows Client: A proven email client, the GroupWise Windows client is a robust, full-featured access point from your Windows desktop to your GroupWise mailbox. It offers a wide array of features to meet the needs of basic to advanced users.

  • GroupWise Web: GroupWise Web provides access to your GroupWise mailbox in any environment where a browser and an Internet connection are available. In addition, by using GroupWise Web, you can access your GroupWise mailbox from a mobile device such as a cell phone.

  • GroupWise Mobility Service: The GroupWise Mobility Service synchronizes GroupWise data between your mailbox and mobile devices such as a cell phone. The GroupWise Mobility Service must be separately set up as a add-on to your GroupWise system.