11.2 Customizing Individual GroupWise Appearance Settings

There are several ways to change the GroupWise appearance.

  1. Click Tools > Options.

  2. Double-click Environment, and then click the Appearance tab.

  3. Select the appearance settings as desired.

    Display Main Menu: Displays the Main Menu above the Nav Bar.

    Display Nav Bar: Displays the Nav Bar for quick access to your most used folders.

    Display Main Toolbar Displays the Main Toolbar for quick access to your most common functions.

    Use GroupWise Color Schemes: Overrides any operating system color schemes for the selected GroupWise color scheme.

    Display Folder List: Displays the Folder List on the left side of the window.

    Favorites Folder List: Displays a customized list of folders. Folders in this list are displayed in the order that they are most commonly accessed.

    Simple Folder List: Displays only the folders that relate to the folder you are in. For example, if you are in your Mailbox folder, it displays the Cabinet folder so that you can file messages.

    If you are in the Calendar folder, it lists personal calendars. If you are in the Frequent Contacts folder, it lists personal Contacts folders. If you are in the Documents folder, it lists documents.

    Full Folder List: Displays the complete list of folders.

    Long Folder List: If the QuickViewer is displayed, select this option to extend the Folder List to the bottom of the QuickViewer when it is displayed below the Item List rather than to the right.

    Display QuickViewer: Select this option to display the QuickViewer, or leave it deselected to prevent the QuickViewer from displaying.

    You can also customize individual folders for QuickViewer display. Right-click a folder, and then click Properties > Display. Select or deselect Remember QuickViewer visibility and Show QuickViewer as needed.

    QuickViewer at Bottom: If Display QuickViewer is selected, this option displays the QuickViewer at the bottom of the window.

    QuickViewer at Right: If Display QuickViewer is selected, this option displays the QuickViewer at the right of the window.

  4. Click OK.