3.86 Signatures

Contains the Signature objects for a GroupWise Account object. This object is usually retrieved by calling the get_Signatures method of the Account object.

3.86.1 Properties

The following table lists properties, along with their access and descriptions.






Application. The Application object.



Long. The number of objects in this collection.



Account. The Account object that owns this Signatures collection.

3.86.2 Methods

Signature Add(String Name, VARIANT vrFileNameOrSafeArray)

Adds a Signature with the specified name to the database. If the Name is empty or if the Name is already in the collection, an error is returned.

The vrFileNameOrSafeArray must contain either a string or a safe array (of type VT_ARRAY) or an error is returned. If the VARIANT is a string, it must point to a file on disk that contains the Signature data. If the VARIANT contains a safe array, it must point to an array of HTML bytes that define the Signature. The HTML becomes the Signature that is added to an email message just before it is sent.

Signature Item(VARIANT vrIndex)

(Default) Returns a Signature object that matches the specified vrIndex. The index must be of type String or Numeric or an error is returned. If it is a string, the system searches the Signatures collection for a Signature with a name that matches the given string. If a matching name is not found, the system returns a NULL pointer to the Signature object and doesn’t return an error. If the index contains a number, the signature at that position in the collection is returned.

Signature collections are numbered from 1 to the number of Signatures. An error is returned for any number outside of this boundary.

Signature GetDefault()

Returns the default Signature object for the Account.