1.5 Support and Limitations

The following items are supported in GroupWise:

  • Proper data typing at the API interfaces to support future distributed objects.

  • Complete remoting. The API can be remoted between machines using standard OLE distribution techniques.

  • Partial remoting. The API can be used simultaneously on a local machine and on any number of remote machines subject to API locality. That is, object pointers obtained from one process space may not be interchanged with an Object API function in another process space.

  • Single model threading. Objects are used on the single thread.

  • Apartment threading model. An object can be used only on the thread that created it.

The following items are not supported in GroupWise and must be avoided by the API client:

  • Mix-and-Match threading. This is not supported by GroupWise until it is supported by the Win32 COM implementation.

  • Simultaneous root user accounts on the same machine. The internal architecture is laid, but the full support will not be surfaced until all component models are worked out.

  • Passing of an Object API object, obtained in process A, as a parameter to an Object API method in process space B.