3.11 AddressBooks

A collection of AddressBook objects.

3.11.1 Properties

The following table lists properties along with their access and descriptions.






Application. The Application object.



Long. The number of objects in this collection.



Enumeration object. Implements IEnumVARIANT. For Windows only.



Account. The Account object that owns this collection.

3.11.2 Methods

AddressBook Add(String Name)

Creates a new personal address book with the given Name.

AddressBook AddEx(SharedNotification SharedAddressBookNotify, [VARIANT Name])

Accepts a new shared personal address book as specified in the SharedAddressBookNotify parameter, which is a subtype of a Message object. You can also supply an optional Name for the shared address book. If Name is omitted, the Name property of SharedAddressBookNotify will be used.

AddressBook Item(VARIANT Index)

DEFAULT. Returns the AddressBook object specified by Index. Index may be either a Long or a string. If Index is a Long, returns the AddressBook object located at the given Index in the collection. Valid indexes are 1 through Count, inclusive. Throws an exception if the Index is outside of this range. If Index is a string, it represents the name of the desired AddressBook object.

3.11.3 Remarks

An AddressBooks collection is refreshed when its parent object is refreshed. When an AddressBooks collection is refreshed it updates which AddressBook objects are in the collection, but does not recursively refresh the AddressBook objects themselves.