3.58 GroupMembers

A collection of GroupMember objects.

3.58.1 Properties

The following table lists properties along with their access and descriptions.






Application. The Application object.



Long. The number of objects in this collection.



Enumeration object. Implements IEnumVARIANT. For Windows only.



AddressBookEntry. The AddressBookEntry object that owns this collection.

3.58.2 Methods

Add(VARIANT AddressBookEntry, [AddressTargetTypeConstants TargetType])

Adds an existing address book entry to this collection and to the associated group. You cannot add an Address object to this collection. Group members are required to be AddressBookEntry objects and these AddressBookEntry objects must have a valid email address. The TargetType parameter specifies the target type (recipient type) to assign the address or addresses in the group. If TargetType is omitted, egwTo is assumed. See AddressTargetTypeConstants.

GroupMember Item(VARIANT Index)

DEFAULT. Returns the GroupMember object located at the given Index in the collection. Index may be a Long or a string representing a Long. Valid indexes are 1 through Count, inclusive. Throws an exception if the Index is outside of this range.

3.58.3 Remarks

A GroupMembers collection is refreshed when its parent object is refreshed. When the GroupMembers collection is refreshed, it recursively refreshes its contained Address objects.