1.3 Object API versus Other APIs

The GroupWise Object API does not replace any other API. Other APIs can be used in conjunction with the Object API. GroupWise also supports the Microsoft Messaging API (MAPI), Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE), Open Document Management API (ODMA), and the Third-Party Handler.

MAPI is a standard set of messaging functions used to create mail-enabled applications. However, since MAPI focuses on email, it is not general enough to handle other GroupWise functions such as appointments, tasks, and calendars. An application might use the Object API to access the GroupWise information store and use MAPI to interface the application to another email system.

GroupWise can act as a DDE server and will execute tokens or commands. GroupWise will support ODMA, which is a standardized interface that fits between applications and document management systems.

GroupWise also supports the Third-Party Handler, which provides the ability to trap and process tokens that are generated by GroupWise. However, the Object API will provide the information and functionality to interface with GroupWise 8 and later versions and to implement many applications.

More than any other API, the GroupWise Object API opens the GroupWise system to third-party development. The GroupWise Object API is easier to use than APIs such as MAPI because it provides a higher-level interface with GroupWise. It provides access to the GroupWise information store free from the complexity of the underlying system and allows you to focus on using the information encapsulated in the objects.