3.28 DocumentAccessRightsCollection

A collection of DocumentAccessRights objects.

3.28.1 Properties

The following table lists properties along with their access and descriptions.






Application. The Application object.



Long. The number of objects in this collection.



Enumeration object. Implements IEnumVARIANT. For Windows only.



Document. The Document object that owns this collection.

3.28.2 Methods

Add(VARIANT Address, Long Rights)

If Address is an Address object, this method creates a new DocumentAccessRights object for that address. If Address is an Addresses collection, this method creates a new DocumentAccessRights object for each Address in the collection. Rights specifies the rights to be given. The value for Rights is derived from combining DocumentAccessRightsConstants with the bit-wise inclusive OR operator. Because there is typically no need to access the new DocumentRights object immediately after creation, this Add method does not return the newly created object. This method will fail if the user does not have rights to modify the access rights of the owning document.

DocumentAccessRights Item(Long Index)

DEFAULT. Returns the DocumentAccessRights object located at the given Index in the collection. Valid indexes are 1 through Count inclusive. Throws an exception if the Index is outside of this range.

3.28.3 Remarks

A DocumentAccessRights collection is refreshed when its parent object is refreshed. When a DocumentAccessRights collection is refreshed, it recursively refreshes its contained DocumentAccessRights objects.