3.62 Locations

A collection of Accounts, DocumentLibraries, and Folders for a query to search.

3.62.1 Properties

The following table lists properties along with their access and descriptions.






Application. The Application object.



Long. The number of objects in this collection.



Enumeration object. Implements IEnumVARIANT. For Windows only.



Query. The Query object that owns this collection.

3.62.2 Methods

Add(Object Location)

Adds Location to the collection. Location must be an Account object (searches account folders), DocumentLibrary object (searches library document versions), or Folder object (searches folder). If Location is a Folder object, it cannot be a Calendar or Query folder. To search all folders without listing them, search the root account.

Object Item(Long Index)

DEFAULT. Returns the Account, DocumentLibrary, or Folder object located at the given Index in the collection. Valid indexes are 1 through Count inclusive. Throws an exception if the Index is outside of this range.

Remove(Long Index)

Removes the location object located at the given Index, from the collection. This method will not delete or destroy the location object. It merely removes the object from the collection.

3.62.3 Remarks

A Locations collection is refreshed when its parent object is refreshed. When a Locations collection is refreshed, it updates the objects in the collection, but does not recursively refresh the objects themselves.