1.3 GroupWise Events

GroupWise event records are configured and enabled through Event Definition Records in the user’s database. Event Definition Record settings are only available programmatically, through the interface described in XML Reference.

Applications can also query for POA events. An application, through the use of an individual user's key, can query for all POA events related to that user. Applications can query for specific events and/or for events that occur within a certain time period. The application can also query multiple times on any given event.

GroupWise events are presented to third parties in XML, with tags being defined by the SOAP protocol. GroupWise Events provides access to the following events:

Event Category

Event Name

Address Book

  • Address book created

  • Address book deleted

  • Address book modified

Address Book Item

  • Category(s) changed

  • Email address changed

  • Item created

  • Item modified

  • Instant messaging address changed

  • Name changed

  • Phone number changed


  • Accept level

  • Accepted

  • Archived

  • Attachments

  • Category

  • Classification

  • Completed

  • Declined

  • Deleted

  • Due date

  • Duration

  • Expiration date

  • Item field changed

  • Item state changed

  • Marked private

  • Marked read

  • Marked unread

  • Message body

  • Personal subject

  • Place

  • Purged

  • Security

  • Send priority

  • Start date

  • Task category

  • Task priority

  • Unaccept

  • Unarchived

  • Uncomplete

  • Unmarked private


  • Folder accepted (share)

  • Folder deleted

  • Folder (item added)

  • Folder (item deleted)

  • Folder (item move)

  • Folder modified

  • Name

  • Rights (share)


  • Login

  • Login (Proxy)

  • Login (Trusted Application)

  • Logout

  • Session Timeout

Proxy Access

  • Rights modified

  • User added

  • User deleted