1.2 Event Records

Event records track GroupWise event data on a user-by-user basis, and are stored in each user's database. Separate event records are created for each application that registers for a given event, meaning that there may be multiple event records for a single event, each intended for a different receiving application. For example, if ApplicationA registers to receive event notifications for ItemDeleted for User1, and ApplicationB also registers to receive event notifications for ItemDeleted for User1, two separate event records are written to User1's database.

Event records have the following fields:

  • TimeStamp: Identifies the time the event occurred.

  • RecordID: Identifies the unique event record.

  • Container RecordID: Identifies the folder or address book for which the event record was created.

  • From Container RecordID: Identifies the source folder or address book (used with FolderItemMove). For proxy logins, this field provides the UserId of the user doing the proxy login.

  • Event: Provides a description of the event.

  • Key name: Identifies the application for which the event record was created.

By default, event records persist in the database for a maximum of seven days, or until they are removed by the registered application. However, GroupWise Events provides a persistence element in its XML, with a range of 0-20 days, that overrides the seven-day default, and sets an expiration value for event records. When an event record age exceeds the Persistence value, the nightly maintenance routine removes it from the user database.

If event records are not removed by the application within 21 days, the nightly maintenance routine not only removes the event records for that application, but also the configuration settings for that application key. This helps prevent unnecessary event monitoring, and limits the number of unused event records that build up in the system.

Cleanup of event configuration on the system on which the registered third-party application is running is the sole responsibility of the application. GroupWise Events does not provide cleanup or housekeeping on the external application systems.