1.2 WSDL and Schema Files

GroupWise Web Services are defined in the following XML schema files:

  • types.xsd defines Web Services.

  • methods.xsd defines Web Services.

  • events.xsd defines events and references types.xsd also.

The WSDL file (groupwise.wsdl) imports all of the above schema files and can be imported into a development framework that supports Web Services. The framework parses the WSDL and schema files and creates a code library that can be used to access Web Services and GroupWise Web Services Events.

Frameworks simplify your work as a developer because the generated library abstracts the complexities of HTTP, SOAP, and XML. You can then concentrate on programming without worrying about the complexities of transport and XML parsing.

However, if you want complete control, you can handle HTTP, SOAP, and XML directly. GroupWise Web Services handles valid requests, no matter how each request is generated.

1.2.1 WSDL and Schema Location

After you have unzipped the files in the documentation, look for the GroupWise WSDL and schemas directory. In the directory structure, you’ll find the different WSDL and schemas for GroupWise 8 and later versions.

The GroupWise WSDL and schemas are not available with the GroupWise install distribution. They are available only in the GroupWise Web Services documentation.

The .Net version of the schemas can be found in the subdirectory named MS.NET.