GroupWise 24.1 Bug Fix List

This release includes the following fixes:

Security Fixes

Several libraries were updated to address high or critical reported vulnerabilities.

Security-Related Bug Fixes

812020 - Unable to limit connections to only use the TLS1_3 protocol.
819020 - Client: Display behavior for text with zero-size font leads to increased phishing risk.
842061 - POA: Change Vacation rule behavior to not expose Bcc recipients.
853020 - Agents: Remove weak cryptography ciphers included in the default set.

Other Bug Fixes

The following other bug fixes were made in GroupWise 24.1:

Admin Bug Fixes

860167 - Console populates last login time and client type by last name on some accounts during audit report.
853022 - Invalid gwha.conf configuration does not report an error.

Agents Bug Fixes

804007 - Sync not setting disabled login on eDir users with the "Account disabled" attribute.

Windows Client Bug Fixes

39679 - Options text truncated in the Hungarian language.
749188 - Zoom login unsuccessful when using a proxy server.
751051 - Column selection and sorting is not persistent.
769101 - Replying or forwarding a specific message is very slow.
769237 - The Client hangs during search after returning a few results.
770108 - The Reply format setting configured in admin is not honored.
771125 - Auto-caps incorrectly converts some words to uppercase in German.
787083 - Selected search folders does not persist for next Find.
802017 - Crash on very long threaded email.
804004 - Message preview displays with garbled characters on one message.
804006 - Personal appointment in proxy calendar displays with wrong color.
812021 - Changing the From address to a proxy or resource address still shows recipient sender's address.
816004 - Multiple birthday events on import when contact user also exists in groups.
826007 - Wrong message selected when clicking near edge of highlighted message area in list.
836039 - Formatting lost with copy and paste from cells in a spreadsheet to the message body.
841067 - Mobile number not shown in View Details of an LDAP address book contact.
844057 - Crash when filtering on contact history.
852024 - Crash selecting folders during find.
854027 - Incorrect busy search results returned on a resource pool.
857090 - Crash during advanced system address book search.
858043 - Blank page is displayed when attmpting to preview PDF attachments.
860020 - The Sent items list hangs when the filter value includes a hyphen.
860065 - Unable to send to a system group from Caching mode.

GroupWise Web Bug Fixes

Several library updates were made to address potential security vulnerablities. The issues fixed below were also security-related.

776029 - Add support for Foward Secrecy.
788026 - Remove weak ciphers.