GroupWise 24.2 Bug Fix List

This release includes the following fixes:

Security Fixes

Multiple libraries were updated to address high or critical reported vulnerabilities.

Security-Related Bug Fixes

878040 - Prevent SMTP smuggling attacks as described in CVE-2023-51766.

Other Bug Fixes

The following other bug fixes were made in GroupWise 24.2:

Admin and Calendar Server Bug Fixes

842021 - Creating a new post office or domain does not copy dictionary files.
870243 - Unable to copy rule to another user without visibility set to system.
881233 - The Calander Server Configuration page displays the 18.5 logo.

Agent Bug Fixes

728092 - Worker threads are stuck.
870226 - Startup scripts fail with system.slice on a clustered OES 2023 system.
872003 - The POA crashes.

857211 - Changing the logging level to Diagnostic fails from the agent web console.
878064 - Uppercased value in content type does not conform to MIME specifications.
879101 - The Sent time is off by 1 hour with the DST offset.
894084 - First character missing from content type value on Linux server.

Windows Client Bug Fixes

770114 - Left-handed mouse setting causes unwanted pop-up menu.
804004 - Mail content displays garbled text with message preview but correctly when opened.
857212 - HTML format email appears without spaces between paragraphs.
860121 - GroupWise uses deprecated branding name under Windows Default Apps.
867084 - Incorrect content pasted during reply.
867085 - Attaching a PDF file changes the message body font.
869144 - The Client crashes when doing a search.
869193 - “Reply-to” user set to CC or BC copy type instead of To.
869218 - The UI for easily removing Vibe folder does not exist.
869220 - Selected source folders are not preserved when searching using “recent”.
873090 - The Folder Day range filter does not show all items that match range.
875176 - Pressing Enter twice after an emoticon in edit mode jumps the cursor upwards a line.
877057 - Zoom integration options not available despite Zoom integration being enabled.
881235 - Unwanted requests for documents during startup even after library is removed.
882229 - Proxy mailbox as target is not preserved on subsequent search.
884257 - Expand and collapse folder indicators missing after selecting another folder.
887084 - Client crashes in proxy mode when changing the From field.
888039 - Moving an all-day-event appointment changes it to a non all-day-event appointment.
889033 - Images in message body lost during reply or forward.
892020 - Message text highlighted after applying signature and moving mouse.
893067 - Moving appointment time switches appointment from sub-calendar to main calendar.

GroupWise Web Bug Fixes

769002 - Problems with a generated password string.
865045 - Shifting header issue in the GroupWise Web CZ (Europe) Calendar.
875181 - Logout button missing on devices in localized version of GroupWise Web.