GroupWise Mobilty Service 24.1 - Bug Fix List

The following issues were fixed in this release:

769148 - Moving email by an IMAP client results in email deletion on GMS.
827001 - Appointments sent from Exchange systems get malformed in the Outlook client when running against GMS.
836030 - Error encountered during install when configuring maintenance licensing.
837034 - Folder hierarchy in a user mailbox causes a device FolderSync issue.
856098 - Error for Outlook users, "Mobility failed to add the following item".
856215 - Device settings override on folders is not working for a proxy calendar.
858109 - Cannot get autodiscover to work.
867050 - Maximum Attachment/Send Mail Size on General page of Config allows non-numeric characters.
869032 - GMS 23.4 repeatedly prompts for MFA authentication for sent and received mail.
870042 - Install upgrade failure causes Bad Magic Number error.