GroupWise Mobilty Service 24.2 - Bug Fix List

The following issues were fixed in this release:

874017 - A GAL user is not working when First and Last name is not set in GroupWise.
874163 - Mail from device is not delivered if there is a left angle bracket character in the contact name.
881068 - GMS Sync issues with the Outlook Client.
881071 - GMS Nightly Maintenance displays "No such file or directory" error message.
881234 - Not getting Appointment Notifications/Calendar Inbox items on iOS.
882093 - CC recipients lost when forwarding from a device.
882130 - Tables in email are lost when forwarding from a device.
889142 - GMS 24.1 ruins firewalls in SLES 15 SP5.
892021 - The MCheck, General Health Check reports a failure without stating specifics.
892054 - 10 GMS servers lost all of the accounts and the GAL is empty.
893026 - Remove executable bits from datasync services files.
897047 - Update the installer to handle SLES updates that reset the python3 symbolic link in GMS 24.1.