7.6 Deleting a Device

When a user is no longer using a device, you should promptly delete it from your Mobility system. Deleting the device does not delete the user from your Mobility system. If necessary, the user can again configure the device to connect to the Mobility system.

NOTE:By default, mobile devices that have not connected to your Mobility system for 30 days are automatically removed from your Mobility system. For more information about automatic deletion, see Section 4.6, Removing Unused Devices Automatically.

To immediately remove a device from your Mobility system:

  1. In the Mobility Admin console, click Users Users icon

    Users page
  2. Click the user name of the device owner to display the User/Device Actions page.

    User/Device Actions page
  3. In the Actions column in the Devices section, click Delete User/Device Actions page.

    You are prompted to confirm the action.

  4. Click Delete Device to remove the device from the Mobility system.

  5. Click OK to acknowledge completion of the action.