7.2 Resynchronizing a Device

Occasionally, synchronization problems arise between mobile devices and GroupWise:

  • Synchronization from the Mobility system to a mobile device might occasionally stop, perhaps because abnormal cellular network conditions resulted in dropped synchronization data.

  • Data on a mobile device might not match data as displayed in the GroupWise mailbox.

Resynchronizing the device can resolve these problems. Resynchronization causes existing GroupWise data on the device to be deleted, and then synchronized again from the Mobility system. The user can accomplish the same thing by removing the account from the mobile device and adding it again.

  1. In the Mobility Admin console, click Users Users icon.

    Users page
  2. Click the user name of the device owner to display the User/Device Actions page.

    User/Device Actions page
  3. In the Actions column in the Devices section, click Resync Device Resync Device icon.

    You are prompted to confirm the action.

  4. Click OK to acknowledge completion of the action.

    The device is resynchronized the next time it tries to connect to the Mobility system.

  5. (Conditional) If resynchronizing the device does not resolve data discrepancies between the device and GroupWise, you must reinitialize the user.

    For instructions, see Section 7.7, Reinitializing a User.