4.2 Blocking/Unblocking All Incoming Devices

You can prevent all users from connecting their devices to the Mobility system, and then allow access when you are ready. This is helpful when you are installing an update to the Mobility Service software.

  1. In the Mobility Admin console, click Service Configuration Service Configuration icon, then click Device to display the Device Sync Agent Configuration page.

  2. Select Block All Devices.

    Block Devices option
  3. Click Save to save the new setting(s).

  4. Restart the Mobility Service to put the new setting(s) into effect:

    rcgms restart
  5. When you are ready to allow access again, deselect Block Devices, then restart the Mobility Service.

NOTE:Whenever you block or unblock a device, notify the device owner of the change in device status.

Occasionally, you might encounter synchronization problems with specific users or devices. For example, a problem with a specific user or device might start to consume an inappropriately large amount of system resources on your Mobility server. If this occurs, see Section 7.3, Blocking/Unblocking Specific Devices for assistance with resolving the problem.