3.3 Synchronizing Sticky Notes

The Sticky Notes option allows notes to be synchronized between mobile devices and GroupWise:

  • Mobile device: Synchronizes notes created using the device‚Äôs Notes app. The Notes app varies depending on the device operating system. On iOS devices, the native Notes app is supported. On Blackberry devices, the native Remember app is supported. On Android devices, the third-party TouchDown app and Tasks and Notes for MS Exchange app are supported.

  • GroupWise client: Synchronizes Discussion Note and Personal Message items created in or moved to the Mobile Notes folder. GroupWise automatically creates the Mobile Notes folder when the Sticky Notes option is enabled. In some cases, the folder might be named Notes rather than Mobile Notes.

Sticky Notes synchronization is bidirectional. Notes that are created, modified, or deleted on the device are synchronized to the Mobile Notes folder. Discussion Note/Personal Message items that are created, modified, or deleted in the Mobile Notes folder are synchronized to the mobile device.

  1. In the Mobility Admin console, click Service Configuration Service Configuration icon, then click GroupWise to display the GroupWise Sync Agent Configuration page.

  2. In the Sticky Notes field, select Enable to synchronize Sticky Notes or deselect it to disable synchronization.

    Sticky Notes option
  3. Click Save to save the new setting(s).

  4. Restart the Mobility Service to put the new setting(s) into effect:

    rcgms restart

The following sections contain information about settings that can also affect Sticky Note synchronization: