5.5 Monitoring Disk Space Usage

Every effort should be made to provide adequate disk space on the Mobility server. An abnormal shutdown because of insufficient disk space can result in data loss in your Mobility system.

The datasync-diskcheck.sh script runs automatically along with the Mobility Service and monitors disk space usage in the /var partition where log files are stored.

IMPORTANT:If disk space usage exceeds 90%, the script shuts down the Mobility Service normally, to prevent the potential data loss associated with an abnormal shutdown.

The datasync-diskcheck.sh script runs every hour. When it detects a low disk space condition, it writes an entry to the /var/log/datasync/datasync_status log file. No other notification of the condition is provided before the script shuts down the Mobility Service.

After a low disk space condition occurs, you can do one or more of the following things to prevent future problems: