6.3 Managing Synchronized Resources

You can add GroupWise resources to your Mobility system as if they are users. If you are using LDAP as your user source, the Resource objects must be located in the same LDAP container with users or groups in order to add them to your Mobility system. If you are using GroupWise as your user source, all resources are automatically available to add to your Mobility system.

Whenever you create a new resource that you want to synchronize to mobile devices, you must proxy in to the resource mailbox and set its mailbox password before it is available for synchronization. Accessing the mailbox creates the Frequent Contacts address book and establishes the default personal address book for the mailbox. These address books must exist in order for the GroupWise Sync Agent to successfully process address book information for the mailbox.

GroupWise users with rights to a synchronized resource mailbox can then configure their mobile devices with an account for the resource mailbox just as they create an account for their own mailbox. This enables GroupWise users who are resource owners to monitor the contents of resource mailboxes from their mobile devices.

To add and manage resources in your Mobility system, follow the instructions in Section 6.1, Managing Mobile Device Users.