Backing Up a Library and Its Documents

If the document storage area for a library is physically located in a post office, the library and documents are backed up along with the rest of the data in the post office. However, document storage areas are frequently located outside of the post office directory structure due to disk space considerations. Therefore, remote document storage areas must be backed up separately. A post office can have multiple libraries and each library can have multiple document storage areas, so make sure you have identified all document storage areas in your library/document backup procedure.

On NetWare, use a Target Service Agent (GWTSA or TSAFS) with a supported backup program or other backup software of choice to back up document storage areas. For details about how to use a Target Service Agent, see Target Service Agents.

On Linux and Windows, use your backup software of choice to back up each document storage area to a secure location. For a list of compatible products, see the Partner Product Guide.

After you have initially performed a full backup of your document storage areas, you can perform incremental backups by backing up to the same location to shorten the backup process.

To ensure consistency between the backups of post office databases and document storage areas:

  1. Back up your document storage areas.

  2. Back up the post office. See Backing Up a Post Office.

  3. Perform an incremental backup of your document storage areas to pick up all new documents and document modifications that occurred while backing up the post office.

You should need to restore data in a document storage area only if files have been damaged or become inaccessible due to a hard disk failure.

See also Restoring a Library.