Configuring the POA

As your GroupWise® system grows and evolves, you might need to modify POA configuration to meet the changing needs of the post office it services. The following topics help you configure the POA:

Creating a POA Object in eDirectory
Configuring the POA in ConsoleOne
Changing the Link Protocol between Post Office and Domain
Moving the POA to a Different server
Adjusting the POA for a New Post Office Location
Adjusting the POA Logging Level and Other Log Settings

Using Client/Server Access to the Post Office
Simplifying Client/Server Access with a GroupWise Name Server
Supporting IMAP Clients
Supporting CAP Clients
Checking What GroupWise Clients Are in Use
Supporting Forced Mailbox Caching
Restricting Message Size between Post Offices

Securing Client/Server Access through a Proxy Server
Enhancing Post Office Security with SSL Connections to the POA
Providing LDAP Authentication for GroupWise Users
Enabling Intruder Detection
Configuring Trusted Application Support

Scheduling Database Maintenance
Scheduling Disk Space Management
Performing Nightly User Upkeep