Administration Languages

You can run the GroupWise Installation program, administer your GroupWise system in ConsoleOne®, and run the GroupWise agents in the following languages:






All available administration languages are automatically installed.

When you select a language for a domain, it determines the sorting order for items in the GroupWise Address Book. This language becomes the default for post offices that belong to the domain. You can override the domain language at the post office level if necessary.

For example, if you set the domain and post office language to English-US, the Address Book items are sorted according to English-US sort order rules. This is true even if some users in the post office are running non-English-US GroupWise clients such as German or Japanese. Their client interface and Help files are in German or Japanese, but the sort order is according to English-US standards.

By default, the agents start in the language selected for the domain. If that language has not been installed, the agents start in the language used by the operating system. If that language has not been installed, the agents start in English-US.

The POA also includes language-specific files in all client languages so that information returned from the POA to the GroupWise client, such as message status and undeliverable messages, is displayed in the language of the GroupWise client rather than the language in which the POA interface is being displayed.