Optimizing CPU Utilization for the NetWare POA

To ensure that it does not dominate the NetWare® server CPU, the NetWare POA has a CPU utilization threshold. The default CPU utilization threshold for the NetWare POA is 85 percent. You can change this threshold using the CPU Utilization option. If CPU utilization exceeds the threshold by 5 percent, any idle NetWare POA threads remain idle for the number of milliseconds set by the Delay Time option. This cycle continues until CPU utilization drops below the CPU utilization threshold.

To determine the optimum utilization setting for your network, you must consider the following factors:

As you raise the utilization threshold, NetWare POA efficiency increases; however, other network applications have fewer available resources. As you decrease the utilization threshold, NetWare POA efficiency is reduced; however, the NetWare POA cooperates better with other applications running on the same server. The best way to determine these settings for your network is to experiment.

To adjust the NetWare POA CPU utilization and delay time:

  1. In ConsoleOne, browse to and right-click the POA object, then click Properties.

  2. Click GroupWise > Agent Settings to display the Agent Settings page.

    Agent Settings property page
  3. Increase the number in the CPU Utilization field to allow the NetWare POA to use more server resources.


    Decrease the number in the CPU Utilization field to give the NetWare POA fewer server resources so those resources can be used by other programs on the server.

  4. Decrease the number in the Delay Time field to allow NetWare POA threads to take on new tasks more quickly.


    Increase the number in the Delay Time field to force NetWare POA threads to pause before taking on new tasks.

  5. Click OK to save the new CPU utilization settings.

    ConsoleOne then notifies the POA to restart so the new settings can be put into effect.

Corresponding Startup Switches
You could also use the /cpu and /sleep switches in the POA startup file to adjust CPU utilization and delay time.