Specifies the location of the POA startup file. On NetWare and Windows, the full path must be included if the file does not reside in the same directory with the POA program. On Linux, the startup file always resides in the /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/share directory. The startup file must reside on the same server where the POA is installed. For more information about the POA startup file, see Installing and Starting the POA.


NetWare POA Linux POA Windows POA






load gwpoa @sales.poa
load gwpoa @sys:\agt\sales.poa
load gwpoa @\\s2\sys\agt\sales.poa

./gwpoa @../share/lnxpost.poa

gwpoa.exe @sales.poa
gwpoa.exe @d:\agt\sales.poa
gwpoa.exe @\\s2\c\agt\sales.poa