Specifies the directory where the POA stores its log files. On NetWare and Windows, the default location is the post_office\wpcsout\ofs directory. On Linux, the default location is the /var/log/novell/groupwise/post_office_name.poa directory. See Using POA Log Files.


NetWare POA Linux POA Windows POA



--log /dir




--log /gwsystem/logs


Typically you would find multiple log files in the specified directory. The first 4 characters represent the date. The next 3 characters identify the agent. A three-digit extension allows for multiple log files created on the same day. For example, a log file named 0518poa.001 would indicate that it is a POA log file, created on May 18. If you restarted the POA on the same day, a new log file would be started, named 0518poa.002.

See also /loglevel, /logdiskoff, /logdays, and /logmax.