Remote (Offline) Mode (v6.5 for NNLS 1.0)

Remote (Offline) mode is the same as Remote mode except that connections are not made automatically. Working offline is beneficial when you are working on a disconnected laptop and do not need to connect, and also when you want to reduce charges for online time.

Any feature that requires a connection, for example to the GroupWise system or to an IMAP4 account, is not available in Remote (Offline) mode (see Using the Novell GroupWise 6.5 Collaboration Client for Novell Nterprise Linux Services 1.0 (v6.5 for NNLS 1.0) for more information).

Working Offline

  1. Click File, then click Work Offline.

    This will change you to Remote (Offline) mode, which never automatically connects.

    If you want to connect to your accounts, click Accounts, click Send/Retrieve, then click the account. A message displays asking if you want to stop working offline. After you click Yes, your mode is changed to Remote mode and a connection is made. After the connection has completed, you can return to Remote (Offline) mode by clicking File, then clicking Work Offline.