52.0 Using Internet Agent Startup Switches

Before GroupWise 7 SP1, Internet Agent configuration information was stored both in eDirectory, as properties of the Internet Agent object, and in the Internet Agent configuration file (gwia.cfg). Starting in GroupWise 7 SP1, all primary configuration settings have been consolidated into the properties of the Internet Agent object. Secondary settings are still available only through the startup file.

When you update a GroupWise 7 Internet Agent to a later version of GroupWise and access the Internet Agent object in ConsoleOne, all primary configuration settings are moved from the startup file into eDirectory. ConsoleOne no longer writes configuration settings to the startup file. Switches in the startup file can be used to override the settings in ConsoleOne.

Choose from the following list to find out how to use Internet Agent startup switches, and for an explanation of the purpose for each of the switches. The switches are grouped into sections according to the features and functionality that they affect.