39.94 /qfuserfidend

Specifies the end of a range of FIDs associated with user databases (userxxx.db) that you want to index. The xxx in the user database filename is the FID. To determine what FIDs are in use, list the contents of the ofuser directory in the post office directory. See Determining What to Index.

NetWare POA

Linux POA

Windows POA



--qfuserfidend fid




--qfuserfidbeg x9c


If you want to index just one user database, use the same FID with the /qfuserfidbeg switch and the /qfuserfidend switch. To determine a user’s FID, click Help > About GroupWise in the GroupWise client. In Online mode, the FID is displayed after the username. In Caching or Remote mode, the FID is the last three characters of the Caching or Remote directory name (for example, gwstr7bh).

See also /qfdeleteold, /qflevel, /qfnolibs, /qfnopreproc, /qfnousers, and /qfuserfidbeg.