D.2 June 26, 2012 (GroupWise 8 SP3)



Product Overview

Section 2.1, GroupWise Administration Requirements

Added OES 11 as a supported operating system; updated the Tomcat requirement to Tomcat 6 for OES 11 and SLES 11; added a link for obtaining the LDAP snap-in to ConsoleOne.

Section 2.2.2, Mac Client Requirements

Noted that GroupWise 8 Support Pack 3 does not include the Mac client or the Linux client, but earlier versions can still be used; updated the supported versions of Mac OS.


Section 6.4.2, Configuring the Calendar Publishing Host in ConsoleOne

Corrected the port number on which the Calendar Publishing Host communicates with the POA.

Enabling the Groupwise High Availability Service for the Linux GroupWise Agents

Improved the instructions for enabling the GroupWise High Availability service (gwha).

Section 12.0, Installing Novell Vibe

Updated for the product name change from Novell Vibe OnPrem to Novell Vibe.