47.0 Evolution

Evolution makes the tasks of storing, organizing, and retrieving your personal information easy, so you can work and communicate more effectively with others. It’s a highly evolved groupware program, an integral part of the Internet-connected desktop.

Evolution can help you work in a group by handling e-mail, address, and other contact information, and one or more calendars. It can do that on one or more computers, connected directly or over a network, for one person or for large groups.

With Evolution, you can accomplish your most common daily tasks quickly. For example, it takes only one or two clicks to enter appointment or contact information sent to you by e-mail, or to send e-mail to a contact or appointment. People who get lots of e-mail will appreciate advanced features like vFolders, which let you save searches as though they were ordinary e-mail folders.

If you have Evolution 2.4 or later installed, you can access accounts on Novell GroupWise 8.