3.5 Defining Policies

All policies are defined in one of two ways:

Schema Mapping policies can also be defined (and usually are) using a schema mapping table.

3.5.1 Policy Builder and DirXML Script

The Policy Builder interface is used to define the majority of policies you might implement. The Policy Builder interface uses a graphical environment to enable you to easily define and manage policies.

The underlying functionality of rule creation within Policy Builder is provided by DirXML Script, however, you do not need to work directly with DirXML Script.

Instead, you have access to a wide variety of conditions you can test, actions to perform, and dynamic values to add to your policies. Each option is presented using intelligent drop-down lists, providing only valid selections at each point, and quick links to common values.

See Policies in Designer 2.1 and Policies in iManager for Identity Manager 3.5.1 , for more information on Policy Builder. See Section 4.1, DirXML Script for more information on DirXML Script.

HINT:Although it is not necessary for using Policy Builder, the DirXML Script DTD is available in the Identity Manager 3.5.1 DTD Reference .