Extracts a portion of the enclosed tokens.



Specify the starting character index:

  • Index 0 is the first character.

  • Positive indexes are an offset from the start of the string.

  • Index -1 is the last character.

  • Negative indexes are an offset from the last character toward the start of the string.

For example, if the start is specified as -2, then it starts reading the first character from the end. If -3 is specified, then is starts 2 characters from the end.


Number of characters from the start to include in the substring. Negative numbers are interpreted as (total # of characters + length) + 1. For example, -1 represents the entire length or the original string. If -2 is specified, the length is the entire -1. For a string with 5 characters a length of -1 = (5 + (-1)) + 1 = 5, -2 = (5 + (-2)) + 1 = 4, etc.


This example sets the e-mail address to be where the name equals the first character of the Given Name plus the Surname. The policy name is Policy: Create E-mail from Given Name and Surname, and it is available for download at the Novell Support Web site. For more information, see Downloading Identity Manager Policies in Understanding Policies for Identity Manager 3.5.1 . To view the policy in XML, see 001-Command-SetEmailByGivenNameAndSurname.xml.

Policy to push back on email change

The Substring token is used twice in the action Set Destination Attribute Value. It takes the first character of the First Name attribute and adds eight characters of the Last Name attribute together to form one substring.