If Source DN

Performs a test on the source DN in the current operation. The test performed depends on the specified operator.



Select the condition test type.


Returns True when...


There is a source DN available.

Not Available

Available would return False.


There is a source DN available, and it equals the content of the specified value in-container.

Not Equal

Equal would return False.

In Container

There is a source DN available, and it represents an object in the container specified by the content of If Source DN, when compared using semantics appropriate to the DN format of the source data store.

Not In Container

In Container would return False.

In Subtree

There is a source DN available, and it represents an object in the subtree identified by the specified value.

Not In subtree

In Subtree would return False.


Contains the value defined for the selected operator. The value is used by the condition. Each value supports variable expansion. For more information, see Variable Expansion. The operators that contain the value field are:

  • Equal

  • Not Equal

  • In Container

  • Not in Container

  • In Subtree

  • Not in Subtree


The example uses the condition If Source DN to check if the User object is in the source DN. The rule is from the predefined rules that come with Identity Manager. For more information, see Event Transformation - Scope Filtering - Exclude Subtrees. To view the policy in XML, see predef_transformation_filter_exclude_subtrees.xml.

Event Transformation - scope filtering - exclude subtrees
Source DN

The condition is checking to see if the source DN is in the Users container. If the object is coming from that container, it is vetoed.