Set Default Attribute Value

Adds default values to the current operation (and optionally to the current object in the source data store) if no values for that attribute already exist. It is only valid when the current operation is Add.


Attribute Name

Specify the name of the default attribute. Supports variable expansion. For more information, see Variable Expansion.

Write Back

Select whether or not to also write back the default values to the source data store.


Specify the default values of the attribute.


The example sets the default value for the company attribute. You can set the value for an attribute of your choice. The rule is from the predefined rules that come with Identity Manager. For more information, see Creation - Set Default Attribute Value. To view the policy in XML, see predef_creation_set_default_attribute_value.xml.

Policy to set default attribute value
Set default attribute value
Argument Value List Builder

To build the value, the Argument Value List Builder is launched. See Argument Value List Builder for more information on the builder. You can set the value to what is needed. In this case, we used the Argument Builder and set the text to be the name of the company.