Set Destination Attribute Value

Adds a value to an attribute on an object in the destination data store, and removes all other values for that attribute.


Attribute Name

Specify the name of the attribute. Supports variable expansion. For more information, see Variable Expansion.

Class Name

(Optional) Specify the class name of the target object in the destination data store. Leave the field blank to use the class name from the current object. Supports variable expansion. For more information, see Variable Expansion.


Select whether this action should be added to, before, or after the current operation, or written directly to the destination data store.


Select the target object. This object can be the current object, or can be specified by a DN or an association.

Value Type

Select the syntax of the attribute value to set.


Specify the attribute values to set.


The example takes a Delete operation and disables the User object instead. The rule is from the predefined rules that come with Identity Manager. For more information, see Command Transformation - Publisher Delete to Disable. To view the policy in XML, see predef_command_delete_to_disable.xml.

Policy to transform a delete to a disable
Set destination attribute value

The rule sets the value for the attribute of Login Disabled to true. The rule uses the Argument Builder to add the text of true as the value of the attribute. See Argument Builder for more information about the builder.