Destination DN

Expands to the destination DN specified in the current operation.



Select whether or not to convert the DN to the format used by the source data store.


Specify the RDN index to start with:

  • Index 0 is the root-most RDN

  • Positive indexes are an offset from the root-most RDN

  • Index -1 is the leaf-most segment

  • Negative indexes are an offset from the leaf-most RDN towards the root-most RDN


Specify the number of RDN segments to include. Negative numbers are interpreted as (total # of segments + length) + 1. For example, for a DN with 5 segments a length of -1 = (5 + (-1)) + 1 = 5, -2 = (5 + (-2)) + 1 = 4, etc.


If start and length are set to the default values {0,-1}, the entire DN is used; otherwise only the portion of the DN specified by start and length is used.


The example uses the Destination DN token to set the value for the local variable of target-container. The policy creates a department container for the User object if it does not exist. The policy is from the predefined rules that come with Identity Manager. For more information, see Command Transformation - Create Departmental Container - Part 1 and Part 2. To view the policy in XML, see predef_command_create_dept_container1.xml.

Policy to create departmental container part 1
Destination DN